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Do you feel anxious, depressed, angry, out of sorts with the world? I am the Counsellor who can help you to overcome those feelings, and give you the tools to move on.

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My name is Hazel Allan, M.A.(Hons), Dip. Couns., MBACP (Accred)

I believe I am the Counsellor who can help you through your anxieties, past traumas, and issues by being there to support you in your journey towards self-acceptance and self-worth; giving valuable coaching tips along the way to help you fulfil your potential.

I will help you by being there for you in our sessions to understand and support you through your emotional journey: by not judging you, but by accepting that you – the way you are – are worthy of care and consideration. I will help you to understand that you too are worthy and help you to come to terms with why you feel or act in a certain way to help you to gain a sense of self-worth and self-acceptance; and by being able to let go of feelings and behaviours that are bringing you down. I can give you some practical tools to help you cope by integrating my coaching skills with the counselling.

I work to the professional and ethical standards of the BACP, ensuring that I can give you the safe, confidential service you require to grow, and am constantly updating and increasing my professional knowledge to ensure I provide a warm and effective counselling service for you.


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How I Work

I work by being there for you,  understanding you in your pain, and by showing you through my acceptance of you that you can work through and past your issues and your insecurities. We will talk about whatever is importance to you, at a pace you are comfortable with, and your needs are at the forefront of our work together.

I also integrate elements of coaching with my counselling skills to give my clients practical tips to move on and be more balanced and self-acceptance.

I work within the professional guidelines of the BACP and am constantly updating my knowledge. 

I am trained in Online and Telephone Counselling as well as In-person Counselling which I undertake in Moffat, Dumfries & Galloway. My fee is competitive and will be discussed at first contact. I provide sessions online – on a secure video platform, by telephone, or in-person in Moffat where I live. I can provide sessions during the day and also provide evening and weekend sessions to ensure we can find a convenient time for you.

I do not prescribe a minimum number of sessions, I want you to feel comfortable with working with me, and wish for you to be in control of your own journey, so to allow this we will evaluate our counselling relationship as we go along to ensure I am giving you a good service, and never lose track that the aim is for you to be a more balanced, happy person in control of your own feelings and behaviours.