About Counselling

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About Counselling

Do you feel worried and anxious? Angry or sad all the time, and don’t know why? Do you feel the need to hide behind a smile while you feel like no-one would ever accept you?

As a Counsellor I can help you through these negative feelings. I can help you understand why you feel the way you do and help you – through self-awareness – to gain a better sense of self-acceptance and to feel more in control. We would do this by allowing you the space and the time for you to talk about feelings honestly, and without fear of judgement. You can voice all those feelings and frustrations that you don’t want to burden friends and family with, with the added benefit of a trained Counsellor and Coach who can help you to get over those feelings.

We would work together in a safe, private environment – either online or face-to-face and I can provide a setting where you will feel safe and cared for, to enable you to fully participate in the emotional growth that Counselling provides, in a supportive environment.

Person-centred Counselling is based on empathy and honesty. As your Counsellor I will be with you on your journey to self-acceptance, being with you while you explore the pain and anguish you feel. I do this by accepting you as you are, walking beside you on your journey, by understanding you and helping you to understand yourself. I believe that once we can understand why we feel and act a certain way then we can work to stop these feelings and behaviours from holding us back.

During Counselling

Counselling is a listening service – being able to unburden yourself to someone who won’t judge and who will be with you while you explore your feelings. I will be there with you to help you through your negative issues to help you understand what you are feeling and help you to move past those feelings.

I believe that Counselling should be positive experience and have found that clients can overcome their issues quite often in a short time.

I can combine my coaching skills with counselling so can provide positive coping  mechanisms and practical strategies for you to use in your journey towards feeling more fulfilled and content.

The types of issues I can deal with include, but are not limited to:

I  work with adults and adolescents with these issues – and others – as well as couples for relationship problems, and can work with groups for anger and stress management

I offer evening and weekend appointments Online, by Telephone and face-to-face in Moffat.

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